ALLMANWORKS owns the Website and Email Server.

As your ISP and website host, we will register your domain name and give it an Internet address. Because we own the hardware, we can assure you we have control over many things which our competitors do not. We put a lot of effort in creating a strong, reliable system and then connect it to the Internet in the most efficient way.

Your email address will match your name. More email addresses available at no cost.

Our server is accessed by fiber-optic cable, the fastest and most reliable in the industry. Our system is Linux-based, not Microsoft, so hackers and viruses have a much harder time 'cracking' our code. We offer 100gig of bandwidth (6-8gig is average), so unless you have the hottest website since Johnny Depp, you are assured that your customers have speedy access to your website.

I could go on and on about our system. I love talking about it. We put a lot of extra effort to make your website experience with us as easy and care-free as possible. I hope you decide to give us a try and you will see the kind of work we can do for you.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

David Allman